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      CDP-Backhoe does not have any warranty stated & it is the responsibility of the builder to have all liability for the building
      safety & operation of the machine. We are not responsible for any misprint errors that may occur.   cdp-backhoe®2002-2012
Maximum Drawbar Horsepower Top Link Pin Diameter Draw Pin Diameter
Cat. 0 - up to 20 5/8" 5/8"
Cat. 1 - up to 45 3/4" 7/8"
Cat. 2 - 40 to 100 1" 1 1/8"
Cat 3 - 80 to 225 1 - 1/4" 1 - 7/16"

Backhoe Plans & Kit  FAQ

What tools do I need to built the backhoes?
You need the basic tools, electric drill, chop saw, grinder, cutting torch and welder.

How long does it take to built the backhoe 3PH-MID600 with the laser kit?
It take about 30 hours depending of your welding ability.

What are the advantages of building a towable backhoe by using the Power Pack
Model CL600 or Model LP20-CAT1 with the 3 Point Hitch Backhoe?
The advantage is that you can still use the 3 point hitch backhoe on a
tractor or as a towable backhoe and the power pack can also be used
for something else.

Can I buy the laser metal starting kit without the metal bushing?
Yes, you can make the metal bushings yourself and it is not difficult at all.
In the plan it shows you how to make them the easy way & you wont need a lathe.

What is the most time consuming when building the backhoe?
I would say making the parts are time consuming.

Is the plan always included with the laser kit?
Yes, The plan & technical support are always included with the laser kit.

What can I expected to see in the plan?
I made the plan look more like a book than a blue print, it is easier to read and
understand & customers do not need an engineering background.
It includes the Bill of Material, List of steel, 2D & 3D drawings,
all part numbers for the laser kit & step by step assembly instructions.

Can I use bigger engine for the MID600B?
Yes, you can use a bigger engine but you only require a 5 or 5.5 HP.
It is more compact and more fuel efficient.

Can I use a vertical shaft engine for the MID600B?
Yes, with a vertical shaft engine, the pump will be located under the engine and it
will be as good as a horizontal shaft engine.

How much does it cost to built the backhoe MID600 from the plan?
It costs around $3000 US to build the towable backhoe.

How much does it cost to built the backhoe Model 3PH-WP500?
It costs around $1600 US to build the towable backhoe.

  How much does it cost to built the backhoe Model 3PH-MID600?
It costs around $2000 US to build the towable backhoe.

How much does it cost to built the backhoe Model 3PH-PRO800?
It costs around $2500 US to build the towable backhoe.

Can I buy the laser parts separately if I ever need to replace them?
Yes, you can buy any laser parts if you ever need to replaced them.

How do you move the backhoe if they don't have any hydraulic drive?
You move around with the bucket and the swing, it crawls like a snake.

How do you tow the Backhoe with a vehicle?
Don't use a jack, only use the boom and swing. Using the boom, remove
the front outriggers & replace them with the back wheels, extend the boom
to straighten the coupler & the hitch together.

What are the advantages of using the laser starting kit over the plan?
With the laser metal starting kit, it is faster and much easier to built the backhoe
and it looks like a professional did the job, because all critical plates are already
laser cut and there is no machining at all with the laser starting kit.
 It will cut the building time by more than half the time.  Your machine
will have higher resale value with the kit &  you will be proud of yourself.


Which Category tractor do I have?